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Bus Rapid Transit on Colfax Avenue

The City and County of Denver continues to develop concepts and designs for Bus Rapid Transit on Colfax Avenue. The Bluebird District has been tracking this effort, asking questions we see as critical regarding design, business access, mobility for all users and how BRT can improve the placemaking components of our district if done with desirable amenities.

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Safer Pedestrian Crossings – GO BOND

The Bluebird District has worked diligently with our Colfax partners, area stakeholders and the City and County of Denver to advocate for pedestrian safety and amenities improvements on Colfax. Through this strong collaboration and support from Council members $20 million for pedestrian safety and amenities improvements on Colfax Avenue were included in the General Obligation Bond package. These improvements are a critical component to creating a Colfax that is safer to cross, friendly to stroll along and unites our communities along Denver’s iconic main street. Thank you to all for the support and diligence for this effort. 

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East Central Area Plan

The City and County of Denver is working on an area plan that includes the Bluebird District. Bluebird District board members are actively participating in the steering committee for this effort. The plan will include a higher level and long-term vision for the area and provide guidance on policy revisions, design guidelines and how people move about and through our communities. For more information and updates please visit

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