Colfax Corridor Connections

The Colfax Corridor Connections project is studying potential long-term mobility improvements for East Colfax Avenue to enhance and revitalize this signature corridor.

Colfax Avenue has long been a key east-west transportation route for Downtown Denver, Auraria Campus, Anschutz Medical Campus and nearly 50 schools — it is also a thriving community, with retail, nightlife and residential development creating a “Main Street” feel along one of the area’s oldest, most historic streets.

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East Central Area Plan

The City and County of Denver is working on an area plan that includes the Bluebird District. Bluebird District board members are actively participating in the steering committee for this effort. The plan will include a higher level and long-term vision for the area and provide guidance on policy revisions, design guidelines and how people move about and through our communities. For more information and updates please visit

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Bluebird Call for Artists: Now Open!

The Bluebird District is looking for a local Denver artist to design and install functional art in the district. Functional Art will serve a community need, such as seating or bike parking, and also be a creative and engaging artistic element on Colfax Ave. Please see the document for more details and the deadline to submit.

Download the Call for Artists Here!

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Let’s Get Colfax Improvements Built: Speak Up Now!  

Colfaxians recently helped the Colfax Collaborative secure $500,000 in 2017 city funding to design streetscape and safety improvements along the corridor. However, this is only the beginning. General obligation (GO) bond funding is needed to get the improvements built. There are many more projects than dollars to fund them and we need your support now more than ever.

You can help get Colfax on the 2017 bond list by providing input at upcoming meetings to discuss GO Bond priorities. Here’s why we believe Colfax deserves funding: Great Cities have Great Main Streets: We should too! Please speak up and support your main street at one of the following meetings:

Tuesday, December 6, 6-7:30 p.m.: Bruce Randolph School, 3955 Steele St.

Thursday, December 8, 6-7:30 p.m.: South High School, 1700 E. Louisiana Ave.

In addition to the community meetings, you can show your support with comment cards at Denver Public Libraries and recreation centers across the city until December 21, 2016. Or email your thoughts to

Who is the Colfax Collaborative: The Colfax Collaborative is made up of four business improvement districts located along the corridor. From East to West they are: Colfax Mayfair, Bluebird, Colfax Ave. and West Colfax.

They are working together on common challenges and opportunities on Colfax, including the safety and comfort of those living, working, shopping and socializing in each area.  

More information:

Colfax Mayfair Business Improvement District

Colfax Ave Business Improvement District

West Colfax Business Improvement District

Denver’s GO Bond Program

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4 business districts band together to improve Colfax

A group of four business improvement districts along Colfax Avenue is appealing to Denver City Council and mayor’s office to add money to the city’s 2017 budget to benefit the corridor.

The West Colfax, Colfax, Bluebird and Colfax Mayfair improvement districts have teamed up to form the Colfax Collaborative and is asking for $500,000 in next year’s budget to get the ball rolling on improvements that would help pedestrians navigate the corridor. The four districts span a little more than 9 miles of Colfax between Sheridan Avenue and Yosemite Street.

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Crosswalk Art Adds More Color to East Colfax

Crossing East Colfax Avenue just got a little more interesting. Denver Public Works made part of the street car-free over the weekend so people could paint the crosswalks at Steele and Adams with birds, guitars, musical notes, and a stylized design of the word “Colfax.”

The project is a collaboration between the Bluebird Business Improvement District and Department of Arts and Venues, which manages the “P.S. You Are Here” grant program, “a citywide creative placemaking and neighborhood revitalization program that cultivates collaborative, community-driven, outdoor projects in Denver’s public spaces.”

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In the spot light…Chris Swank!

In the spotlight…
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Photo Credit: Jill Locantore

Chris Swank is your Bluebird District man for music, food and entertainment! He has been a presence in the Bluebird District since 1994 when he purchased with Bluebird Theater to revive this neighborhood icon and breath life into the theater. With the help of the Office of Economic Development and the City, Swank and partners were able to renovate and restore the theater as a music venue.

Three decades later the iconic Bluebird still anchors the district and brings in amazing shows. Chris has moved his focus across the street and to creating great places to eat and socialize in the district. In 2014 Swank purchased the Goosetown Tavern business and updated the space. His efforts have continued this year with the completion of renovations at Mezcal. These two local establishments have new life and will continue to contribute to the unique local flavor of the Bluebird District.

Photo Credit: Jill Locantore

Mezcal’s recent reopening includes decor updates, a brand new kitchen and and updated menu. Swank’s wife, Loris Venegas, headed up the restaurant concept, which pays tribute to the chicano movement and classic Mexican theater. The new menu includes a masa tamal with roasted poblano pepper and caramelized onions, steamed in a banana leaf and garnished with blistered raisins and roasted poblanos.


Mezcal offers Spanish happy hour every Thursday from 7:30 to 9:30 and brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 2pm.

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2016 Notice as to BBID Proposed Budget


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the proposed budget for the ensuing year of 2016 has

been submitted to the Bluebird Business Improvement District (“District”). Such proposed

budgets will be considered at the regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the District to be

held at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, November 17th, 2015 at 3121 E. Colfax Ave, Denver,

Copies of such proposed budget for fiscal year 2016 are available for inspection by the

public at the offices of the District, 3121 E. Colfax Ave, Denver, Colorado, and at Any interested elector within the District may, at any time prior to the final

adoption of the proposed budget for the ensuing year 2016, file or register any objections thereto.

Dated October 20, 2015.



By: /s/ Tom Secrist, Secretary/Treasurer

The budget is available for download here: 2016 BBID BUDGET rev

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In the Spotlight – Galaxie Building

Located on the 3500 block of East Colfax Avenue, the former Galaxie Auto Body is being transformed. The former automotive repair shop, built in the 1920s, will be the new home to several new establishments. Cerebral Brewing, a neighborhood brewery, boasts some of the brainiest libations in town. The Humble Pie Store will offer handmade pies from scratch, and Chow Down will offer a casual dining and drinking experience. These three local businesses will serve the community with an outdoor patio, new sidewalks, and a tree lawn, bringing new life back to this block of East Colfax.


The Galaxie Building creator and Denver Native, Sean Mandel, is excited about what adaptive reuse projects like this can bring to the Bluebird District and surrounding neighborhoods. Adaptive reuse breaths new life into historic building, while sustainability recycling components of those buildings to maintain historic character. Being able to keep the “old school Colfax marquee”, the project pays homage to its roots on the country’s longest highway.

Historic buildings have their own set of construction challenges, especially a former automotive repair shop. The site required extensive below the ground work to get it ready to be a vibrant food and drink hub. The Colfax Mainstreet Coalition, whose goal is to help foster redevelopment of Colorado’s original main street by funding environmental site assessments, “was critical in being able to rehab the building,” says Mandel.

This project will trigger more than adding three businesses to the block, it will also enhance the public realm. Along with new sidewalks and shade trees, seven new bike racks will be added, amount in front of the Galaxie Building and in several other locations along Colfax Avenue. Further, Mandel says, “I’m excited about having a Bluebird Business Improvement District and resources to serve the common areas that we all rely on. We can start filling in the gap between the street and the storefront”.

What’s on the horizon for Mandel? A new project in the former Green Buddies property. Local architect Laura Koehler is on board as well The Colfax Mainstreet Coalition to rehab this former gas station and activate the site.

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Small Area Plan


The Bluebird Business Improvement District (“BBID”) was formed in 2013. The district falls within a nine- block boundary, just east of downtown Denver, along East Colfax in Denver, CO. It has 27 property owners, and 62 businesses, within a nine-block boundary (2015 Operating Plan). The 2014 assessed valuation of the district is $6,918,230. There is a healthy mix of smaller scale retail, services, art and entertainment, including the Bluebird Theater, which greatly contributes to the identity of the area.

Goals of the BBID

The recently formed Bluebird Business Improvement District (“BBID”) aims to enhance the appearance and attractiveness of the area, provide a safe and clean shopping environment, attract new business owners and retain existing businesses and promote the district through marketing. This plan aims to address how to strategically use BID funds to accomplish these goals through targeted short-term, medium- term and long-term improvements that build on one another to provide a comprehensive vision for area investment.

The BBID Small AreaMulti Modal Mobility - Conditions Analysis-02 Plan

The plan is organized into the following sections:

Values & Vision:  Based on stakeholder input, data, document review, site visits and intercept interviews the values and vision of this area guide decisions. The values and vision of the neighborhood are integral to informing recommendations.

Methodology: The methodology is based on the BIDs established goals and the identify goals of the stakeholders. These goals guide all of the review and decisions for this document.

Goals & Objectives: Plans were reviewed with the identified goals and objectives in mind. The goals and objectives were established with stakeholder input and guide the review of existing conditions and the recommendations.

Informing Documents: The informing documents are plans that address the needs of the Bluebird Business Improvement District from year 2000 to present. They inform the decision making process for identifying goals. They also provide historical data and allow this plan to build off of prior work.

Existing Conditions: Analysis of the existing conditions within the business improvement district.

Recommendations: Based on data collection, input and research recommendations have been made. These are prioritized by cost, time-frame, political will and stakeholder desire for implementation.

Download a PDF version of the the BBID Small Area Plan.




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