Bluebird District: What is our vision?

The vision for the BBID area, based on stakeholder input and engagement, is a vibrant, diverse and eclectic district that aims to serve the neighborhood with a healthy mix of accessible goods and services. Pedestrian safety along iconic Colfax Avenue must be a priority, along with the economic vitality of businesses in the area.

Values & Characteristics
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Stakeholders were asked, in an open ended question, to describe the Bluebird Business Improvement District area in one word. They came up with a plethora of responses, but a trend of common words did stand out. Of 163 respondents, eclectic was entered 17 times, vibrant 12 and diverse 10 times. In the “Bluebird District Development Plan” from 2008 a neighborhood forum described the district as quirky, spotty, hip, potential and funky (OED/PUMA, pg. 3). The same group noted that looking to 2018 they want to see a district that is “vibrant, family friendly, locally owned, developed and bohemian.” The Steering Committee for this plan noted that they hoped to see a “safe, pedestrian friendly and diverse” area (pg. 3). According to resident responses the area is living up to stakeholder wishes in that it has maintained its diverse and eclectic nature. However, pedestrian safety improvements have not been realized.

Yet, despite the lack of pedestrian safety improvements, visitors access to the district is multi-modal. Off-street parking is low in this area, and over 50% of survey respondents for the study noted that they come to the district by walking, biking or transit. From this input and additional data analysis of area needs a vision for the Bluebird District was created.

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