Bluebird District has a new look!

The Bluebird Theater is the iconic anchor of our eclectic district. The Bluebird District partnered with the Bluebird Theater to trademark the iconic Bluebird logo. Be on the lookout for our new logo on our new website and all around the district.

The updated Bluebird website has information on area improvements, news on businesses and events and allows you to post an area event to our event page!

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New Trashcans

We heard you, business owners and neighbors, this district needs to tidy up! We have installed trash cans, branded with the district logo, along Colfax. Come on out to Colfax, to see new cans and grab a bite to eat or a tasty drink at one of our unique area establishments!

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Sidewalk Cleanup

The district pays for periodic sidewalk clean up, including trash and gum removal.

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Healthy Trees!

The Bluebird has invested in tree health with trimming and treating all of the trees in the district for parasites and disease. Our trees are important to make walking the district comfortable and safer.

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Holiday Lights

The district installs these annually to create a festive atmosphere.

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Pedestrian Lights

The Bluebird District Maintains the green pedestrian lights. We keep these up and running to improve safety and help cars see pedestrians at night.

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Improved Colfax Crossings: HDR Engineering Plans Show New Cross Section for Bluebird

Proposed Street Designs and CIP Funding: From a number of planning processes and surveys, most notably outreach for the BBID Small Area Plan, Bluebird BID has repeatedly heard  that crossing Colfax is a major issue. This year we invested in developing designs to show how the infrastructure on Colfax be improved. Working with a local engineering firm HDR and the City, we completed concepts for enhanced crossings at key intersections in the district. We are pleased to say that Denver Public Works is in support of these designs and has submitted a capital improvement project (CIP) funding request for 2017 to develop the design for the concepts. The request includes the BBID as well as the other Colfax BIDs in the Colfax Collaborative. We hope to receive CIP funding continue to finalize designs so we are close to build-ready. With near build-ready projects in the district, we hope to receive bond funding to complete the engineering process and construct a new cross section for Colfax. We are thankful to have the support of Public Works in these efforts. Click the image to enlarge.

E Colfax PrefAlt_Page_2

This representative sectional plan shows pedestrian bulbouts on the north and south side of Colfax Ave to assist with safe crossings and reduce crossing distance, widen the sidewalk and provide additional visibility for pedestrians and vehicles. The median islands will offer pedestrians a safe refuge midway through crossings, while not impeding business access. Pedestrian crossing signals will be enhanced to include a leading pedestrian interval and pedestrian crossing countdown timer. All of these elements together create a safe pedestrian crossing experience while not unnecessarily stopping the flow of traffic.

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In the Spotlight – Galaxie Building

Located on the 3500 block of East Colfax Avenue, the former Galaxie Auto Body is being transformed. The former automotive repair shop, built in the 1920s, will be the new home to several new establishments. Cerebral Brewing, a neighborhood brewery, boasts some of the brainiest libations in town. The Humble Pie Store will offer handmade pies from scratch, and Chow Down will offer a casual dining and drinking experience. These three local businesses will serve the community with an outdoor patio, new sidewalks, and a tree lawn, bringing new life back to this block of East Colfax.


The Galaxie Building creator and Denver Native, Sean Mandel, is excited about what adaptive reuse projects like this can bring to the Bluebird District and surrounding neighborhoods. Adaptive reuse breaths new life into historic building, while sustainability recycling components of those buildings to maintain historic character. Being able to keep the “old school Colfax marquee”, the project pays homage to its roots on the country’s longest highway.

Historic buildings have their own set of construction challenges, especially a former automotive repair shop. The site required extensive below the ground work to get it ready to be a vibrant food and drink hub. The Colfax Mainstreet Coalition, whose goal is to help foster redevelopment of Colorado’s original main street by funding environmental site assessments, “was critical in being able to rehab the building,” says Mandel.

This project will trigger more than adding three businesses to the block, it will also enhance the public realm. Along with new sidewalks and shade trees, seven new bike racks will be added, amount in front of the Galaxie Building and in several other locations along Colfax Avenue. Further, Mandel says, “I’m excited about having a Bluebird Business Improvement District and resources to serve the common areas that we all rely on. We can start filling in the gap between the street and the storefront”.

What’s on the horizon for Mandel? A new project in the former Green Buddies property. Local architect Laura Koehler is on board as well The Colfax Mainstreet Coalition to rehab this former gas station and activate the site.

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