The Bluebird Business Improvement District (“BBID”) was formed in 2013. The district falls within a nine- block boundary, just east of downtown Denver, along East Colfax in Denver, CO. It has 27 property owners, and 62 businesses, within a nine-block boundary (2015 Operating Plan). The 2014 assessed valuation of the district is $6,918,230. There is a healthy mix of smaller scale retail, services, art and entertainment, including the Bluebird Theater, which greatly contributes to the identity of the area.

Goals of the BBID

The recently formed Bluebird Business Improvement District (“BBID”) aims to enhance the appearance and attractiveness of the area, provide a safe and clean shopping environment, attract new business owners and retain existing businesses and promote the district through marketing. This plan aims to address how to strategically use BID funds to accomplish these goals through targeted short-term, medium- term and long-term improvements that build on one another to provide a comprehensive vision for area investment.

The BBID Small AreaMulti Modal Mobility - Conditions Analysis-02 Plan

The plan is organized into the following sections:

Values & Vision:  Based on stakeholder input, data, document review, site visits and intercept interviews the values and vision of this area guide decisions. The values and vision of the neighborhood are integral to informing recommendations.

Methodology: The methodology is based on the BIDs established goals and the identify goals of the stakeholders. These goals guide all of the review and decisions for this document.

Goals & Objectives: Plans were reviewed with the identified goals and objectives in mind. The goals and objectives were established with stakeholder input and guide the review of existing conditions and the recommendations.

Informing Documents: The informing documents are plans that address the needs of the Bluebird Business Improvement District from year 2000 to present. They inform the decision making process for identifying goals. They also provide historical data and allow this plan to build off of prior work.

Existing Conditions: Analysis of the existing conditions within the business improvement district.

Recommendations: Based on data collection, input and research recommendations have been made. These are prioritized by cost, time-frame, political will and stakeholder desire for implementation.

Download a PDF version of the the BBID Small Area Plan.